There is enough parking for all members and parking is FREE as well. There is also a system in place to help control traffic whenever there is a need. The most important thing to remember is that we are all one happy family and we respect the parking regulations which is in place.


Mercy Seat Chapel is a diverse church with people from all walks of life. In that spirit you’ll find a multiplicity of language, dress and culture. We welcome everyone because we all have one thing in common: we’ve come to learn about, enjoy and spread God’s love and His grace. So come as you are , we promise you’ll feel comfortable no matter what.


Mercy Seat Chapel children’s program is designed to give your child an excellent foundation in the faith in a safe and caring environment. We have volunteer teachers who are equipped to give your child the best care during the church service.


We always have something going on. Join a department, connect with the zealous followers of Christ and make an Impact for Jesus.


Join us as laborers in His vineyard. We have a number of ministries that you can serve in. Please visit the SERVE page on the website or click here.

  • Sunday School 9am – 9:45am
  • Sunday Service 10am – 12 noon
  • Sunday Celebration Service 10am – 12 noon
  • Bible Study Tuesday 7:30pm – 9pm