The Drama team of Mercy Seat Chapel is a department that seeks to minister the word of God through acting. The use of skits which tend to resonate more is a powerful tool for reminding and teaching ourselves the timeless word of God. This department is a strong back up to the Pastor and leadership of the church in helping to de-fragment the “word for now” into easy understandable and interesting graphic images that will sit well with the congregation. This helps the message to sink in deeper thereby ministering more effectively the word of God to people.

The trend of music and movies in the global world has become very appealing to many and in changing with the times to be as flexible as possible, we are a department that is also looking into ways to make our skits of various types; live, recorded etc to diversify the background and generate more interest among the congregation doing all these without losing the potency of the message being passed across which is always based on the word of God.

The ministry gives expression to the creative abilities of workers who are talented in drama through acting, script writing etc. It is a relatively new and small-sized department in terms of constitution within the church but we are truly grateful for the immense impact that the Lord has used us for and greater works that He will do through us in Jesus name.