Mission Statement: Empowering God’s children for growth, development and excellence.


The mission of the Empowerment Ministry is to seek and connect Mercy Seat family members to educational, job, professional, business and networking opportunities. The ministry will be a conduit for disseminating information to church members who have needs in any of the areas mentioned.

The following outlines how we will engage our family members in those areas:


1. The team through individual counseling will establish career mentor-protégé program for our children who have expressed interest or desire in a particular field of specialization. This will be accomplished by partnering our children with mentors who are professionals in the fields that our children have expressed career interest.

2. The team will identify sources of college scholarship funds for our college bound children.

3. The team will identify FREE job training programs for our church members looking to acquire new skills.

Career and Job Opportunities: The team will search and match church members with available job openings in the metro area. We will also be responsible for ensuring that every member is prepared for job interviews by reviewing résumés and interview roll playing. There will be a one-on-one relationship between each team member and the job candidate.

Business Opportunities: The team will play an advisory and supportive role in helping our members looking to start their own business. The team will organize workshops and provide guidance and assistance to members. The team will inform business owners any opportunities that they know will benefit members.

Networking Opportunities: Team members through our personal associations outside the church, will connect our family members with old contacts, friends and associates who are able to help our members with whatever need they may have. This need may include but not limited to access to financial assistance for real estate purchase, access to venture capital, transferring our children to a private school where they have waiting list, referral to private physicians or doctors where they have no new patient intake.