The Believer’s Foundation Academy is the first step to educating and preparing new Converts and potential Workers to solid Biblical fundamental teachings and tasks ahead of them in life.

The objectives of these fundamentals are;

a. To provide an understanding of the new birth and it’s manifestations in their lives.

b. To familiarize them with the structure and books of the bible

c. To understand the history and fundamental biblical beliefs of the Redeemed Christian Church of God

d. To encourage prayer and study of the Word as part of their daily lives

e. To assist in accelerating the spiritual maturity process

f. To provide tools for successful conflict management

The tools used for this class are:

a. The Believer’s Foundation Academy Manual

b. The Holy Bible


This is a fifteen (15) chaptered curriculum that introduce and elaborate on topics like Structure of the Bible, History of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), History of Mercy Seat Chapel, Conflict Management, Christian conducts & living, Prayers etc. All chapters backed up with bible passages and examples. Due to the interactive nature of the class, real life examples are also discussed.

The duration of the class is set at six (6) weeks after which a test is written by the participant to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the teachings. Successful participant who are interested in joining the workforce of the church are ushered into The Workers’ In Training Class to dig dip into most of the topics dealt with in The Believer’s Foundation Academy.