“Information Technology is for increasing efficiency and accuracy to enhance the quality of life of a common man.”

Managing Church Information Technology

The diversity of the temporal activities of the Church requires IT professionals to have flexible service offerings. We try to use industry-based applications and services to minimize our IT resource requirements, avoiding additional human resources costs and eliminating waste so as not to over boarding the church wallet. We rely on member’s innovative and online sources. Managing IT at the Church is challenging due to diversity, scope, language requirements, and uses multiple vendors.

We use industry best practices to ensure that we use resources effectively and efficiently. We use diverse software development methodologies, such as Ustream and Easy-worship, to meet the needs of our Video Streaming.We install,monitor,troubleshoot, implement and run all IT related including Networking, systems and video . IT Department is a core backbone of the church because we inter-relate with all other departments.

The blessings of the gospel are now more accessible to an ever-broadening audience over a growing number of media. Information technology relieves some of the administrative burdens of our Pastorate and leaders, who can then focus more time on ministering to member needs. To meet the needs of a diverse global Church, we are constantly striving to effectively manage our unique technology mix.

Temitope Alade is the HOD IT of the Church.