The Marriage Counseling Department

“Marital success is not based on how beautiful the flowers are, the wedding dress, or even the rings. It’s determined most often by how much effort was put into developing the right tools to assemble, adjust and maintain a lifelong marriage according to the word of God.”

Marriage Counseling is designed to help congregants understand marriage and family issues from a Biblical perspective.

The Church assigns a Minister in charge of Marriage Counseling that prepares intending couples for the church wedding.

Intending couples are taken through a series of biblical principles of marriage and exposed to dealing with common, marital, marriage and family problems.

The Marriage Counseling department recognizes an immediate responsibility to help intending couples and married couples build and sustain better marriages and families, and to help restore those marriages threatened by divorce.

A counseling time-table is worked out between the intending couples and the Minister-in-charge to undergo the various required sessions.

These classes are mandatory if you wish to have the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mercy Seat Chapel officiate at your wedding ceremony.

  • The first step of your premarital process will be a mandatory Pre Marital Orientation which will hold at the church auditorium weeks prior to your wedding. Attendance is mandatory and counseling is offered to as many intending couples as the church may have.
  • The Second step is the marriage counseling session after saying “I do” and handled both by the Minister-in –charge and the Church Pastor.