“Enhancing Your Worship Experience through excellence in Multimedia.”

This mission was born out of a desire to use media technologies to help individuals (both Christians and the unchurched) to develop more intimate relationship with God through various forms and styles of worship.

The department is grounded on 3 core values: Spirituality, Team Work and Excellence.

The Multimedia Department is composed of 3 sub units all working actively together to achieve the mission of the department

  • Sound and Audio Mixing : This unit coordinates and monitor audio / sound mixing to create an atmosphere of worship during live worship services, special events and other ministerial needs
  • Video and Live Streaming : The Video/ Live Streaming Unit coordinates all video recording during live worship service , manages the live streaming of worship service on the internet, ensuring that the whole video recording and post production adequately enhances the Mercy Seat Worship Experience
  • CD/VCD Recording and Post Production: The CD/VCD Recording and Post Production unit is involved in the recording of Live Worship Sermon onto CD or VCD (video). The unit ensures that the congregation has access to sermon on CD’s, records, edit and storage of sermon into the multi-media database for easy retrieval.